Tenant Handbook

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  • Never leave your reception area unattended when your suite entry door is unlocked.
  • Report all suspicious persons to Property Management. Call 911 if you feel that the suspicious person is dangerous in any way.
  • Do not allow persons making deliveries to wander through your offices without an escort.
  • Keep valuables (cash, wallets, purses, calculators, televisions, iPods, digital cameras, radios) in a safe place. Avoid putting purses under your desk or in the lower desk drawer.
  • Never assume you may safely leave your desk with valuables in sight.
  • Require strict compliance with the use of a visitor logbook to record names of persons entering and departing the office after regular business hours.
  • Strangers should not be sent to an empty office to use a telephone. Instead offer to dial the number for them or escort them to a phone and stay with them while they make their call.
  • Do not allow workmen free access to your suite. Property Management will inform you when we are sending repairmen or will escort repairmen. Call the Front Desk at 202 466 4067 to verify. Notice if they are in a uniform and if the uniform name correctly identifies their business.
  • Above all, be alert and question strangers. Ask for a business card or ID badge. Ask with whom they have an appointment and escort them to that person’s office. If you are uncomfortable approaching someone unknown, call Front Desk at 202 466 4067.
  • Call for assistance before confronting someone who cannot satisfactorily demonstrate his or her identity or purpose in your offices. Be suspicious of any person who enters your suite and when confronted makes excuses that they are lost or looking for another company.
  • When you secure your premises at the end of the business day, lock all doors. We recommend locking your corridor doors even if people are working late. Additionally, we recommend that you monitor and maintain security devices on all corridor doors.
  • Offices are often most vulnerable to thieves during lunchtime and right before closing. At these times there is often a lot of movement, and people are frequently away from their desks.
  • Put serial numbers on all business equipment to aid police in locating the equipment if stolen.
  • If an employee is terminated for any reason, consider rekeying entrance locks, resetting combinations or access codes they may have been entrusted with and canceling building access cards with the building’s access control provider.
  • If your firm will be closed when the rest of the building is normally open, arrange for building personnel to collect newspapers and mail.
  • Keys kept on a ring should never have an identifying tag in case they are lost.
  • If sidewalks or corridors are used for delivery of goods, never leave these items unattended

Lost and Found

Please contact the Front Desk to claim items that have been lost or found.




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