Tenant Handbook

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Emergency Contacts

Listed below are some important phone numbers in case of an emergency. In any emergency situation please contact the Front Desk at 202 466 4067 immediately after contacting the appropriate emergency service.

In any emergency situation your first action should always be to call "911."


All Emergencies


Police Department- Third District Station

202 673 6815

Fire Department- Engine Company #16 1018 13th Street NW

202 673 3216

George Washington- University Hospital 

901 23rd St., NW

202 715 4000

Poison Control                                        3201 New Mexico Avenue, NW

202 625 333

Building Front Desk

202 466 4067


Important notes

If you call "911" for a medical emergency, please be sure to notify Front Desk with your name, callback number, and location so that Security can guide the paramedics to the correct place.


In an alarm situation, unless you have something to report, please do not call the Front Desk!

The Building Staff needs to attend to the situation, whether it is a false alarm or a true emergency, and telephone lines must be kept clear in the event of an emergency.



In an emergency, Property Management will make every attempt to provide information to you as quickly as possible. Methods of communication available include AngusAnywhere announcements, e-mails, phone calls, dispatch of “runners” through the building to provide information and Send Word Now. Each method is explained below, in more detail:


AngusAnywhere Announcements 

Announcements sent from AngusAnywhere  are sent to work e-mail addresses. Those of you who have mobile devices should therefore receive AngusAnywhere announcements at your desktop and on your mobile device. In an emergency, please be sure to check your desktop and mobile device regularly for AngusAnywhere announcements.


Phone Calls

Property Management will call our primary tenant contacts in an emergency. It is very important to remember to advise Property Management when emergency contact information (such as home phone, cell phone, etc.) changes. It is also important to provide Property Management with an alternate contact in the event that the primary contact is not reachable, as well as with an alternate contact we should use when the primary contact is out of town or on vacation.


Please note that should an emergency occur during normal working hours, Property Management will first issue e-mails via AngusAnywhere, as this method of communication distributes information more quickly than phone calls.



Should an incident occur during business hours, Property Management may dispatch building and/or security employees to each floor of the building to advise our primary contacts of an emergency situation.

Property Management will rely more heavily on phone and e-mail than on runners. Runners will typically

only be used if all other lines of communication have failed.


Send Word Now

Send Word Now is a Notification Service tool we use to provide emergency communications to our tenants via text, voice, and email.


Your Role in Staying Informed


In an emergency, Property Management may not have access to each of these lines of communication. We will, therefore, need each tenant to be active in gathering information as well, by doing the following:

  1. Tune to local news for updates as this will be one of the information sources on which Property

Management will rely.

  1. Keep e-mail open and check regularly so that any updates sent by Property Management are seen in as timely a manner as possible. If you have provided Property Management with a personal and a work e-mail address, please check each frequently.

  2. Dial the Shorenstein National Tenant Information number, which is 1 800 589 2554. Please note that this number currently services all Shorenstein properties nationwide and it is possible that information for your property may inadvertently be recorded over, should the emergency affect more than one geographic location.


We cannot guarantee which line of communication will be most reliable in an emergency event, so ask each of you to be diligent about checking the various communication methods available. Your cooperation in seeking information will be integral to the implementation of your internal emergency preparedness and business continuity plans. And, as a reminder, please do not wait to hear from Property Management prior to implementation of your internal emergency response plans. We will do our best to share information with you in as timely a manner as possible; however, we encourage and ask each of you to take whatever measures you feel are necessary to ensure the safety of your office and employees, without waiting for specific direction or guidance from Property Management.




We invite you to learn how to implement your own emergency preparedness plans by using the resources from our PREP website.


Take advantage of additional training and resources to build your knowledge and preparedness. Sign in to Preparis to view the multimedia training presentations.


Purchase first aid supplies and emergency provisions and sign up for CPR, FA, AED training on our custom order site with corporate pricing, product guidelines, and other tools.