Tenant Handbook

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Tenant and Visitor Access

Every person, including Tenant, its employees and visitors, entering and leaving the Building may be questioned by security personnel as to that person’s business therein and may be required to produce a valid picture identification and to sign such person’s name on a form provided by Landlord for registering such person; provided that, except for emergencies or other extraordinary circumstances, such procedures shall not be required between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., on all days except Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Landlord may also implement a card access security system to control access to the Building during such other times. Landlord shall not be liable for excluding any person from the Building during such other times, or for admission of any person to the Building at any time, or for damages or loss for theft resulting therefrom to any person, including Tenant.
The following procedure, called a "Special Admit", will be helpful in ensuring that your guests and/or workmen are admitted expeditiously during non-business hours.
  • Call Datawatch at 301 654 3282 (customer service representative). You must also provide Datawatch with the number on the access control key of the employee authorizing this access.
  • Instruct your visitor(s) to use the hands-free Datawatch Security telephone at any building entrance. They should identify themselves and the person with whom they are visiting and Datawatch Security will remotely unlock the door.
  • Meet your visitors and guest in the lobby and escort to your suite. No visitors, after hours, will be permitted to leave the lobby without an escort.
Contractor Access
The Property Management Office must pre-approve any contractor who requires access to building equipment. Property Management will provide contractors with access to your suite only if we have received written notification from an authorized tenant contact.




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